Your Health is important to us!

So that your vacation is as stress-free as possible, we have the most important information here


Your booking without risk

You can be sure that we will do everything possible on our part so that you can enjoy a relaxing and enjoyable holiday full of moments of happiness!

At the same time, we also appeal to the personal responsibility of each individual guest.
The measures apply as long as they are recommended / prescribed by official bodies.
In your interest, we ask that you adhere to the requirements in-house.


Cancellation conditions in Summer 2021

         - You can cancel risk-free and free of charge up to 7 days before arrival


Cancellation conditions in winter 2021/22

          - You can cancel risk-free and free of charge up to 31 days before arrival

         -  Should there be another shutdown due to Corona (the journey due to closed borders, closed hotels,
            Valley quarantine, risk area, ... is not possible) of course there are no costs for you

          - Rebooking your vacation is possible at any time free of charge

          - If you wish, you can keep down payments already made as a credit for your next vacation,  or will be refunded



Yes! In order to support tourism, the European travel cancellation insurance has decided, despite the pandemic status according to the WHO and although pandemics are not insured anywhere, from now on to insure Covid-19 diseases like any other unexpected serious illness.

In concrete terms this means:
The Hotelstorno Plus covers the following reasons in the event of a cancellation or travel interruption by the guest:

           - Illness of the guest from COVID-19

           - A close relative or person living in the same household falls ill with COVID-19 and
             the presence of the guest is urgently needed at home

           - Fever and suspected corona, even if the test result is negative later

           - A positive test result with no symptoms

           - A close relative in the common household is ill and the guest has to be quarantined

Not covered are:

           - If you cannot or do not want to travel because you are a risk patient

           - If you - even as a high-risk patient - are worried about an infection due to the increasing number of cases at the holiday destination


More information can be found  here